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SIUE Receives Insight Into Diversity 2014 Higher Education Excellence in Diversity (HEED) Award

2014-09-16 09:57:39

HEED Award

Today, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville received the 2014 Higher Education Excellence in Diversity (HEED) award from INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine, the oldest and largest diversity-focused publication in higher education.

As a recipient of the annual HEED Award?a national honor recognizing U.S. colleges and universities that demonstrate an outstanding commitment to diversity and inclusion? SIUE will be featured along with 82 other recipients in INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine?s November 2014 issue.

?SIUE nurtures an open, respectful, and welcoming climate that facilitates learning and work,? said Chancellor Julie Furst-Bowe. ?Each member of the University is responsible for contributing to such a campus environment.

?We are committed to education that explores the historic significance of diversity in order to understand the present and to better enable our community to engage the future. Integral to this commitment, SIUE strives for a student body and a workforce that is both diverse and inclusive.?

INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine selected SIUE based on exemplary diversity and inclusion initiatives, and ability to embrace a broad definition of diversity on campus, including gender, race, ethnicity, veterans, people with disabilities, members of the LGBT community, as well as all others. Specifically, the establishment of the We Are One University Diversity Plan and the creation of a new Multicultural Center are evidences of the University?s commitment, said Dr. Venessa Brown, associate chancellor for Institutional Diversity and Inclusion.

?We sponsor book clubs and film series to intentionally generate intellectual discussions, increase knowledge and further our understanding and value of society as a whole, and thereby broaden our view of the world,? Brown said. ?Our Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion collaborates with most units on campus to ensure that we model the value of relationship building. We have created a number of mentoring programs, such as, faculty mentoring student athletes, faculty mentoring students with disabilities, and faculty peer mentoring to name a few.

?We have also established a Champion for Diversity Award. The award is presented to a faculty or staff member who has demonstrated an exemplary level of dedication to SIUE?s mission of fostering equal opportunity, positive interactions with students, staff and faculty, and who respects and values differing backgrounds and points of view within SIUE.?

?We hope the HEED award serves as a way to honor those institutions of higher education that recognize the importance of diversity and inclusion as part of their everyday campus culture,? said Lenore Pearlstein, publisher of INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine.

For more information about the 2014 HEED award, visit

About INSIGHT Into Diversity

INSIGHT Into Diversity, celebrating its 40th year in 2014, is the largest and oldest diversity publication in higher education today. Known for its annual Higher Education Excellence in Diversity (HEED) Award, this is the only award recognizing colleges and universities for outstanding diversity and inclusion efforts across campuses. In addition to its online job board, INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine presents timely, thought-provoking news and articles on matters of diversity and inclusion across higher education and beyond. Feature stories include interviews with innovators and experts, and profiles of best practices and model programs. Readers also find career opportunities that connect job seekers with institutions and businesses embracing a diverse and inclusive workforce. Current, archived and digital issues of INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine are available online at

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville provides students with a high quality, affordable education that prepares them for successful careers and lives of purpose. Built on the foundation of a broad-based liberal education, and enhanced by hands-on research and real-world experiences, the academic preparation SIUE students receive equips them to thrive in the global marketplace and make our communities better places to live. Situated on 2,660 acres of beautiful woodland atop the bluffs overlooking the natural beauty of the Mississippi River?s rich bottom land and only a short drive from downtown St. Louis, the SIUE campus is home to a diverse student body of nearly 14,000.

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Police: Washington man fed up with barking kills neighbor dog

2014-09-16 09:46:00
The dog the man killed apparently was not the one that was barking.  Read Full Story ...

Wal-Mart spokesman said to resign over falsehood in resume

2014-09-16 09:34:00
David Tovar gained attention this year by criticizing the New York Times for inaccuracies. Read Full Story ...

SIUE Faculty and Students Test Open Educational Resources Pilot

2014-09-16 09:30:05

As a result of rising textbook costs and the proliferation of Open Educational Resource (OER) materials, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville is conducting a pilot program in order to gauge the feasibility of using OER as a no-cost or low-cost alternative to traditional textbooks.

Eleven faculty members from various disciplines worked with Information Technology Services (ITS) and Library Information Services (LIS) during the summer to identify or create OER to be used in select courses being offered during the current fall term.

In place of traditional textbooks, faculty and students participating in the pilot instead are relying primarily on other electronic resources, most of them freely available in the public domain. The selected courses will use OER in place of the standard textbook, using the iPad mini as the delivery device.

SIUE students have benefited from the University?s textbook rental program, which has kept their costs relatively affordable. Textbook costs have continually increased, with average annual textbook fees now at nearly $1,200 per student, according to the U.S. Public Interest Research Group (PIRG) Education Fund and The Student PIRG.

In contrast, SIUE?s undergraduate students pay an average of $165 per semester for a 15 credit hour course load. SIUE has been able to keep costs affordable by amortizing expenses over several terms by reusing textbooks.

?The future of the textbook market and our program looks quite different as publishers begin to shift toward digital content,? said Joseph Pearson, director of the Morris University Center. ?As publishers introduce digital content, they charge per user, per seat, per semester, which significantly increases the costs of these course materials.?

?While it?s always difficult to predict the future, recent trends support the idea that most course materials will transition to digital content during the next few years,? said Matthew Schmitz, associate director of Online and Blended Education in the SIUE department of Information Technology Services. ?While this change most certainly could be more expensive, the transition to digital content also offers opportunities to provide access to a wider variety of learning activities, resources and content than traditional textbooks offer.?

Changes in technology have provided faculty access and the ability to create and self-publish high quality, open educational resources.

Sorin Nastasia, assistant professor of public relations in the Department of Applied Communication Studies within the SIUE College of Arts and Sciences, is participating in the pilot program. The course ?Technology Applications in Public Relations (ACS 315)? involves 31 students. The students gain expertise in the Adobe CS6 package with which they are directed to create logos, business cards, newsletters, brochures and websites.

?ACS 315 lends itself perfectly to this type of approach,? Nastasia said. ?Using open educational resources rather than traditional textbook materials allow students to understand and become proficient in technology applications. They need to go through tutorials and see examples of possible outcomes.

?From their course schedule, students have direct access to tutorials and examples pertinent for a specific week, topic and project. They are guided to go through all OERs for a course date before they come to class. They also have apps on their iPads that can help them with their projects.

?For a hands-on course like ACS 315, all of these are of great help to the faculty as teaching tools and to the students as learning tools,? Nastasia added. ?They are more up-to-date than traditional textbooks and they allow for increased dynamism in the class. I definitely see this trend of using OERs for some courses continuing successfully in the future.?

During the fall semester, students in the pilot will be surveyed at various intervals to determine the effectiveness of the OER material selected for their courses. In addition, ITS instructional designers and LIS librarians will be working with faculty members to locate OER for any additional topics that might arise as a result of course activities or discussions.

At the conclusion of the pilot, all faculty, staff and student participants will be surveyed. The collected data will be used to identify the strengths and weaknesses, successes and failures, and presented to the University administration. This report will determine the future of OER initiatives at SIUE.

Along with ITS and LIS, the OER pilot project is the result of collaboration among many other University offices including the Office of the Provost, the University Bookstore, Textbook Services and the Office of the Registrar.

Additional information about the SIUE OER pilot project is available from the resource site.

About Open Educational Resources

The Hewlett Foundation defines OER as ?teaching, learning and research resources that reside in the public domain or have been released under an intellectual property license that permits their free use and re-purposing by others. Open educational resources include full courses, course materials, modules, textbooks, streaming videos, tests, software and any other tools, materials or techniques used to support access to knowledge.?

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UPS expects to hire up to 95,000 seasonal workers

2014-09-16 09:30:00
Interested in applying? Go to Read Full Story ...

Belleville West loses top running back to ankle injury

2014-09-16 09:19:00

Belleville West senior running back and leading rusher Antoine Davis suffered a high ankle sprain in Friday's win over Granite City and is expected to miss four to six weeks,

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FBI investigates Missouri officer's stun gun use

2014-09-16 09:13:03
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Fairmont Park in danger of closing if slot machine legislation not passed

2014-09-16 08:51:29
COLLINSVILLE, Ill. ( ? Saturday marks the final day of horse races for the 2014 season at Fairmount Park. As workers in Collinsville prepare for another off-season, some wonder just how many more seasons the track can stay open without slot Read Full Story ...

Trial set for man accused in infant son's death

2014-09-16 08:38:00

A trial has been scheduled for early next year for a southern Illinois man accused of killing his 3-month-old son.

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7 am news

Recent Missouri editorials

2014-09-16 07:33:00

The Joplin Globe, Sept. 13…

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How would the Roosevelts have fared in today's political culture?

2014-09-16 07:30:00
Probably not well, speculates filmmaker Ken Burns. Read Full Story ...

Four tons of tires, broken docks and trash picked up from Lake Taneycomo shoreline

2014-09-16 07:29:00
The amount of trash picked up is less than what similar efforts in the past have collected.  Read Full Story ...

4 tons of trash taken out of Lake Taneycomo

2014-09-16 07:28:00

A volunteer cleanup of Lake Taneycomo shoreline turned up nearly 4 tons of trash, including broken docks, tires and several fishing poles.

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6 shootings in violent night in St. Louis

2014-09-16 07:18:00

One person is dead and five others are injured after another violent night in St. Louis.

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FBI investigating after teen injured by stun gun

2014-09-16 07:13:00

The FBI is investigating a police confrontation in Independence that ended with a 17-year-old hospitalized in critical condition.

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Fire officials: 1 injured in Elgin house explosion

2014-09-16 07:08:00

An Elgin man is in intensive care after an explosion blew out the walls and windows of his house, fire officials said.

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Cameron's last battle (Rainer Hachfeld)
2014-09-16 07:04:30 CagleCartoons

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SIUE School of Nursing to Host U.S. Army DRASH Simulation

2014-09-16 07:00:05

DRASHsimulatorThe Southern Illinois University Edwardsville School of Nursing will be hosting the United States Army for a scaled-down version of the Deployable Rapid Assembly Shelter (DRASH). The event will take place Monday and Tuesday, Sept. 22-23 from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the School of Nursing atrium on the second floor of Alumni Hall.

The Army will have approximately five representatives attending the event to showcase real-life simulations and to answer questions. Additionally, students in attendance will have the chance to win a military medical history book with the winner to be announced Tuesday.

?The School of Nursing is excited to partner with the U.S. Army,? said Dr. Roberta Harrison, assistant dean for undergraduate programs. ?Student nurses will witness the highly technical medical services used in the battlefield, while learning about the scholarship and career opportunities offered by the Army.?

Army Captain Derrin Jones and his military team will conduct the event. ?The DRASH simulation is one way to allow students, who are considering medicine in any capacity, to come and view what we do.? said Jones. ?Our team travels across the U.S. for students to experience firsthand some of the military?s finest assets used in the field for saving lives.?

Students attending the event will be able to speak to military personnel and ask questions regarding the many scholarships provided by the Army for aspiring medical professionals. Students will learn what equipment the Army Forward surgical team uses in the front lines during times of conflict. Utilizing DRASH equipment allows Army medical personnel to improve the survival rate of injured service men and women.

?Thanks in part to Lieutenant Colonel David Motes from SIUE?s Army ROTC program, the Army was able to partner with SIUE to offer diverse learning opportunities and challenging leadership roles to young medical professionals,? Jones said. ?That, coupled with the endless educational opportunities, will help further advance SIUE students? careers.?

Photo: U.S. Army Deployable Rapid Assembly Shelter (DRASH) demonstration.

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6 am news

FBI to investigate Independence police after teen hit with stun gun is hospitalized

2014-09-16 06:45:00
The teen remained in the hospital in critical condition.  Read Full Story ...

Rash of shootings in St. Louis leaves one dead, six wounded

2014-09-16 06:15:00
Violent night in city. Read Full Story ...

Rash of overnight shootings in St. Louis leaves one dead, five wounded

2014-09-16 06:07:00
ST. LOUIS ? A rash of shootings in St. Louis overnight left one person dead and five injured. Read Full Story ...

5 am news

Chicago man charged in sex assault, officer injury

2014-09-16 05:38:00

A Chicago man accused of sexually assaulting his ex-girlfriend and injuring a university police officer who tried to help her has been ordered held on $800,000 bond.

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ISIS ISIL (Aislin)
2014-09-16 05:22:04 CagleCartoons

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Smart ass Watch (Daryl Cagle)
2014-09-16 05:17:17 CagleCartoons

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Missouri police search for thief, missing car

2014-09-16 05:08:00

Richmond Heights police are searching for a woman who stole a car with an elderly woman inside.

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Missouri man gets 15 years for bank robbery

2014-09-16 05:08:00

A Missouri man has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for threatening to bomb Charleston schools to distract police while he robbed an area bank.

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Sewage spills into St. Louis County creek

2014-09-16 05:03:00

Authorities are advising people to say away from a north St. Louis County creek after a sewage leak.

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4 am news

Columbia children's hospital gets kid-friendly MRI

2014-09-16 04:03:00

Young patients in need of an MRI at a Columbia children's hospital can now pretend to take beach vacations while they undergo magnetic resonance imaging.

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EXCHANGE: Museum displays village's past

2014-09-16 04:03:00

After more than two years of repairs, collection and ceaseless cataloging, Ste. Marie resident Mike Hartrich is proud of the museum in the Sainte Marie Foundation House.

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Chicago mayor says students read 2.7 million books

2014-09-16 04:03:00

Chicago Public School students read 2.7 million books this summer as part of Mayor Rahm Emanuel's Readers Summer Learning Challenge, officials announced Monday…

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Movie 'Gone Girl' expected to premiere in Missouri

2014-09-16 04:03:00

It looks like the premiere of the major motion picture "Gone Girl" will happen in Missouri before most of the rest of the country gets to see it.

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1000 students transfer from St. Louis area schools

2014-09-16 04:03:00

More than 1,000 students have transferred from two St. Louis area school districts that have been struggling to gain traditional state accreditation.

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3 am news

Lake County to collect veterans' stories

2014-09-16 03:48:00

Veterans and civilians who supported war efforts from World War II to the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan are being invited to share their stories this Veterans Day.

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DuPage County report first West Nile virus case

2014-09-16 03:33:00

The DuPage Health Department on Monday announced the county's first reported human case of West Nile virus this year.

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Hearing set for man accused in deadly bank holdup

2014-09-16 03:18:00

A man accused of fatally stabbing two southern Illinois bank workers and critically wounding a third during a botched robbery has been scheduled for another federal court appearance.

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Aurora man sentenced for stealing from school

2014-09-16 03:08:00

A judge has sentenced a suburban Chicago man for embezzling nearly $50,000 from a Catholic high school and spending the money to gamble, as well as to fund trips to…

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South Beloit mom gets probation in infant's death

2014-09-16 03:03:00

A northern Illinois woman was sentenced Monday to four years of probation in the starvation death of her 7-month-old son.

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Highs and lows of the United Kingdom (Patrick Chappatte)
2014-09-16 01:35:39 CagleCartoons

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Scotland about to vote (Patrick Chappatte)
2014-09-16 01:34:04 CagleCartoons

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12 am news

In an effort to make a lesson better, Missouri's teacher of the year found himself in the middle of violence

2014-09-16 00:15:00
Hazelwood West teacher said although he was injured, details from the scene have enriched conversations with his journalism students.  Read Full Story ...

Missouri's teacher of the year found himself in the middle of violence

2014-09-16 00:15:00
Hazelwood West teacher said although he was injured, details from the scene have enriched conversations with his journalism students.  Read Full Story ...

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