The New CityPage Listing

Here is what a business receives for their $75/year.
  1. Personal Page with top banner replaced with their phone number.
  2. Includes up to 3 Locations
  3. Within Category sorted in order of purchase
    1. Option to split category at 25 entries.
    2. Maintain overall sort order
  4. Automatically included in city search
    1. When nothing found in another city in your state, the listing is shown.
    2. When nothing in a state search, area is searched showing your listing
  5. Price lock for at least 3 years.
  6. Schedule:
    1. 2019: $75
    2. 2019: $95
    3. 2020: $125
  7. Page includes
    1. Phone Number takes top right spot
    2. Logo
    3. Yellow Page Category (Can purchase up to 2 more for $10/year each)
    4. Address & other location addresses
    5. Up to 3 locations
    6. Year established
    7. Up to 5 links like website,
    8. Email Request form
    9. icon/links
      1. facebook
      2. twitter
      3. pinterest
      4. instagram
      5. linked in
      6. youtube channel
    10. Events area where they can post to their page and the public city page calendar.
    11. Associations like:
      1. rotary
      2. chamber
    12. Search expands into state and area
    13. Press Release Engine
    14. Up to 10 Tags (products and services)
    15. Hours of operation
    16. Specials (posted to city page specials if unique to site)
    17. Reviews.
    18. Coupon
    19. Photo Gallery (up to 20 pictures)
    20. Video Gallery (up to 10 videos)
    21. Videos post to daily blog/home page
    22. About Text Block
    23. Free Flow Text block
    24. Direct Link
    25. Referral Program
    26. Discount for link back to Real Estate.
    27. Page Counter

Can purchase
  1. Additional Category. Up to 2 more for $10 each.
  2. 10 More Tags for $15
  3. Custom link: $20

A SMARTER way to advertise

Be seen and boost your SEO for just $199 per year?

Wildfire offers local businesses one of the most valuable and cost effective ways to place your name in front of thousands of visitors each month with our new CityPage Guide system. After literally years of development and testing, Wildfire believes the combination of our new Guide system and pure city domains is one of the simplest ways users both technical and non-technical can learn more about businesses and opportunities in our local community. Check out an example

Here is an example of what your ad would look like.

This is an actual guide running on the site today. Press to reload another sample


$199 per YEAR for one city like this one. ()
$299 per YEAR for ALL Illinois CityPage sites shown at the bottom of this page.
$199 per YEAR for


  1. - Place your name on some of the most visited local sites
  2. - The guides are linked directly to your site helping with SEO and your link count
  3. - There is no set up charge. Wildfire handles the graphic development
  4. - The main CityPage sites have been online since 1995. Much of the traffic to the sites is direct. Direct visitors come to the site by typing the URL rather than going through search.
  5. - Ads are large colorful and reflect your business

Call George at Wildfire 618-452-2400 to have your company displayed within 2 business days.

Want even more impressions and links?

8.5 hours of Screen Time

Did you know that according to a recent New York Times Article, adults are exposed to 'screens' for almost 8.5 hours a day! That's right, eight and a half hours. When online, the odds of your next client using a Phonebook or Newspaper to find you diminish with each passing day.

The same article states:

"The data suggests that computer usage has supplanted radio as the second most common media activity. (Print ranks fourth.)"

Now you can join other area business owners who have already begun to stretch their marketing dollars by using Wildfire's network of Pure City Domains. Wildfire started the CityPages in 1995. Since that time, the they have expanded to 18 plus ways of helping local business owners promote their goods and services. Our $65/month a month package is a great way to start advertising and lock in your top PhoneBook spot.

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I want to place an add, but my website is a disaster.

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